En miljon euro!

After voting this team, your email address attached to
Ticket number 6239771 drew the fate of the numbers 5-3-14-7-5-3
As a result, emerged as one of the first fifty (50) lucky winners in
This year
Lottery program.
It has been approved, therefore, for a lump sum payment
€ 1,000,000.00 (one million euros).
To claim your prize money, contact our office below:
Mr Herbert G. Stevens
Schleswig-Holstein Lottery
Office of Information and Payment:
London representative office.
E-mail: lottoenquiries01@yahoo.de
Faithfully Yours,
Ms another Gunter
Promotions Manager
Schleswig-Holstein Lotto

Fick ett mail från Ms. Günther i morse. Tydligen har jag vunnit en miljon euro i Schleswig-Holstein-lotteriet. Undrar om jag ska skicka mitt bankkontonummer så de vet vart de ska sätta in pengarna? Men, jag vet inte. Känns det inte lite konstigt att en så pengafylld instans inte har något annat än en Yahoo-adress?