Disgusting Swedes

Here in Sweden we are right now a bit focused on personal hygiene. Mostly due to the imminent threat of catching Swine Flu when shaking hands with one another. At every workplace and public institution bottles of disinfectant are placed at strategic places and people are encouraged to use them. Frequently. This has made me asking myself if we are swine when not threatened by the flu. I think we are.
And now I’ve got some kind of proof.  A few years back, some famous Swedish mediaperson revealed that she, for the forbidden fun of it, used to releave herself/pass water/piss in the water of the public pool she used to swim for exercise. This may very well have been the start of a new Swedish movement.  Pool-pissing. Research now shows that nearly 50 percent of the public indoor pools of Sweden may have nitrogen levels that disgusting. Due to people pissing and sweating in the water.
Something to have in mind when visiting Sweden. Read more at The Local.
Update: A few hours later 25.000 readers of Aftonbladet (a crappy Swedish tabloid) has answered a poll and exposed their pool-pissing lusts. 56 percent of these people admitted that they gladly urinates while swimming in public pools. I wonder if they do it in their bath tubs too? I call out to the United Nations, please send the boys and girls with light blue helmets. An intervention is needed.