Mr. President

First of all, let me congratulate you to a succesful campaign and the fact that you are now the president of the United States of America.
The news media here in my small home country reported today that you’ve issued an order to close down the shady facility that American authorities run at Guantanamo. Maybe that gives hope to youngster Omar Khadr and other prisoners being held without trial or evidence presented against them. But I hope that you also will contribute to compensate for these mens losses in life. I suspect that many of them won’t be able to function as they used to when released.
I think you’ve made a good decision. However I can’t really understand why a whole year is needed to release the prisoners. Can you present a legal case against them? Do so. If not, release them.
And excuse for being naive, but if you could complete this decision with announcing withdrawal of American forces from Iraq and Afghanistan I think that would mean a lot. And the real thing would be if you on the fourth day in office announced that your people need education, health care and infrastructure more than arms and weapons technology and because of this you will have to make major cut backs in the military budget, in favor of major investments in the basic functions your people need from their government.
That would be a really nice signal to the governments of Europe.
Anyway, I wish you the best of luck. Here and now I’ve got the feeling that a majority of the people in my part of the world put huge amounts of hope in you. Please don’t make the too disappointed. They are slightly naive, but generally nice and honest.
In good faith.
Fredrik Welander, Sweden
P.S I urge you to stop the money transfers to major American car manufacturers. If you feel that you have to save American jobs, spend the money on NEW companies with smarter technology. The majors had their chance and didn’t take it. Don’t waste tax payers money on non viable companies. Invest them in the companies of the future instead. Norweigan car manufacturer Th!nk might be worth you attention. D.S.