Den kan inte vara lätt att vara kommunikationsstrateg i den amerikanska bilindustrin. Först tar cheferna sina corporate-jets till Washington för att tigga skattepengar. Sen visar det sig att när de väl får dem, satsar de dessa skattepengar på att produktplacera sig i spelfilm. Alltså, skattepengar till Hollywood. Känns som väl spenderade pengar, NOT.

January 21, 2009

DETROIT–Just as Chrysler LLC announced a sequel to its ownership saga, the struggling automaker also unveiled plans to help underwrite the fourth instalment of the Terminator movie series.
Chrysler, which received $4 billion (U.S.) in emergency aid from the American government, has a deal to place its vehicles in Terminator Salvation, scheduled for release this year and starring Christian Bale, executives said yesterday.
Financial terms of the sponsorship deal were not disclosed.
”We have a following with the Terminator movies and we are going to continue with that,” Chrysler media director Susan Thomson said at the Automotive News World Congress.
The Terminator starred Arnold Schwarzenegger – now governor of California – as a cyborg sent from the future to kill a woman so her son would not foil a worldwide takeover by machines. Two sequels and a television series followed.
Under private ownership, Chrysler cut 36 per cent of its employees, taking its combined blue-collar and white-collar staffing to the lowest levels since 1934.
Reuters News Agency